Friday, May 30, 2008

Danielle and John Bailey and Shaleen and Adam Ford NYC 2008
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Shaleen and Adam in NYC for adams b-day!

We had a wonderful weekend on the town. Ate at Nobu, Peter Lugers, Clinton St. Bakery and Cupcake Cafe. We walked/ran in Central Park, and saw Wicked.
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm going to NYC this weekend. Adams birthday present. We are going to see Wicked and eat in all of the yummy restaurants. School is out in one week. We have odd weather going on. It was really hot and now it is cold...I'm wearing a sweater and my kids just came in from the backyard and put on their coats. Sariah and Hannah are going to be on swim team. 7am practices during the summer. I am going to potty train Heber andParley soon. Heather, Summer and I had a girls night last weekend at Zermatt in Heber (with Sariah to watch baby Naomi). The husbands brought the kids the next day to swim. I think we wore our kids out pretty well. I'm excited to see Heidi in a few weeks...more later
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

A time to remember what my mom taught me.

Humility: As a young 3-4 year old I was sure that I was smarter, faster and sneakier than my Mom. I was sent to my room for a nap/quiet time. I lay down for a few minutes then opened my groundfloor window...took out the screen and stepped over the window ledge. I couldn't believe what I saw...Mom was laying on the ground where my foot was going to land...How did she know?

Next time I was sneaking out, I looked out the window before opening. All was clear. I went to the gate that led to the front of the house. Opened it...Oh no. Run! There she was. I was sure I could out run her, but somehow she was just as fast as me. I couldn't believe it. She was foiling all my plans. I remember laughing, but I was shocked. She was old, I was young and fast and unstoppable. Yet somehow she was a step ahead.

I do remember one successful escape. 1 in the morning before easter. I was determined to put on my easter bunny costume and go to the park and hide eggs. I figured this is what happened every year. I was just part of the process. Mission accomplished.

Now when my kids wonder how I know exactly what they are planning and the devious thoughts in their minds...I don't spoil it by telling them I was once a kid too. I just tell them that I have eyes in the back of my head and I can hear everything. Luckily all my kids sleep on the 2nd floor and wouldn't dream of climbing out their windows. But really, my Mom told me that someday I would have kids just like me...and she was right. Which has always weighed heavily in my mind...causing me to wait to have children until I was 27. (I didn't mention the fact that I have put double bolts on all my doors and yes, the police have brought more than one of my children home at various times of the day and night)

I am a very lucky woman

I am a very lucky woman
Heber and Parley are the icing on the cake in this busy family of 8.

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007
Proud Pumpkin Carvers, we enjoyed the seeds.

No Matter What Planet You Are From...Get Ready To ROCK in 5...4...3...2...1...

Quote from Space Mountain, Disneyland