Monday, December 25, 2006

Heber and Parley both (almost) looking in the same direction...worth a mention. Posted by Picasa
shaleen ford

shaleen ford

Christmas Day is almost over. The children enjoyed themselves. My husband feels a little housebound, but otherwise happy. I feel that after christmas let-down, mixed with anticipation because tomorrow is my birthday. I have arranged to have a family dance at a cool studio with mirrors and a wood floor. I'm looking forward to this. I love to dance. This is my gift to myself. It isn't every year that a woman celebrates the 8th anniversary of her 29th birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

shaleen ford
2006 Adam ran for the Utah State Senate. Adam lost (6 year old daughter Rachel commiserated “Dad you came in second, I’m proud of you”), but did better than any Democrat in Utah county in the last decade.

Shaleen does what she does…only with more grace and wisdom. She makes it all happen on the homefront. She can be heard to tell her DH (dear husband) as he leaves for work in the morning. Climb ladders! Bring bacon!

Willard wants to go to work so he can climb ladders too.

Moab July 2006

Willard (4) overheard some adults talking in the halls at church about what they were going to do with some chickens that they won at the Alpine Fair.
One adult says to the other “do we need a rooster?”
The other adult replied “ you need a rooster if you want to have babies.” Willard tried to clear up the matter “We have babies and we don’t have a rooster.”

Rachel is becoming more like me (Shaleen) everyday. She is the child that my Mom threatened me with when I was younger and making my mom’s life crazy.

“Shaleen, someday you will have a child just like you…you just wait.” When Rachel is at her most devious 6 year old self, I find that I can’t hold in the laughter because I’m seeing me.

Several months ago she cut her hair quite drastically. She then walked through the house very nonchalantly and with a look of satisfaction on her face. I confronted her and said “Rachel, you cut your hair.”

She looked at me with disbelief and said: “How did you know?” As I came to find out, after each cut she had carefully flushed all of the evidence down the toilet. If there was no evidence then there was no proof and no one would know. I remember having similar thoughts as a child…and a similar haircut.

Rachel brings us all much JOY!

Hannah (8) recently got engaged in acting class while performing a scene from Tom Sawyer, unfortunately this wasn’t Tom’s first engagement so she broke it off (even after sharing her gum with him).

Hannah’s career path at the moment involves something to do with spying. The CIA is jealous of her spy gadget collection.

Hannah was baptized by her Dad in the river just above Aspen Grove and Sundance in June…brrr.

Hannah and Sariah were in the school play "Treasure Island" at Alpine Elementary

Sariah is recently 10 and got her ears pierced (it was either that or get a dog).

Sariah seems to respond to music and wants to have small pieces of plastic in her ears so she can hear the music all the time. Kids these days!

Heber and Parley were born June 28, 2005 in American Fork, Utah.

Heber and Parley (18 months), are unique individual boys.

Heber (firstborn) wants to laugh with the world and be a part of the joke. Parley... is more reserved and watches everything carefully. Heber recently broke his leg and is on his second cast. The boys don’t look alike.

The children enjoy their Dad best when he reads to them at night (chronicles of Narnia and the Enders series) and when he dances with them in the kitchen.

Monument Valley, Utah 2006

Highlights of this year include: Adam and Shaleen going on a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean,

BYU beating U of U in the “closing prayer” pass, and, … nothing else is coming to mind.

God Bless You….Everyone!

I am a very lucky woman

I am a very lucky woman
Heber and Parley are the icing on the cake in this busy family of 8.

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007
Proud Pumpkin Carvers, we enjoyed the seeds.

No Matter What Planet You Are From...Get Ready To ROCK in 5...4...3...2...1...

Quote from Space Mountain, Disneyland